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GOLD SNIFF EA is a gold Forex trading Robot developed by wizard bot. Gold Space is the perfect addition to any trader’s arsenal, with a high-profit margin and low drawdown.

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The Gold Sniff robot is a specialist in gold hunting in the forex market, this robot is designed and developed according to the latest standards, like the trading robots of global institutions and banks. The bot is managed by the bot development team and world-class traders to cover the bot’s weakness during Unexpected news and events

The Gold Sniff robot is completely intelligent and according to complex and advanced algorithms, changes are applied to all licenses instantly, so there is no need of worry about managing the robot. If necessary, the updates are done automatically through the original source code, this robot never performs martingale in critical conditions and acts according to the defined risk level and finally withdraws from the market in unfavorable conditions until make up for it later.

What’s The Difference Between GOLD SNIFF EA And Other Robots?

With its monthly profit gain and drawdown limit already separating it from other EA’s on the market, GOLD SNIFF true difference is the fact that: GOLD SNIFF is not fully automated, what do we mean by that? Well all GOLD SNIFF clients are connected to one main trading system which is controlled our expert traders. The main system trades based on the given strategy however our traders set the time, drawdown and days that the EA should trade. Thanks to this new method there is no risk of blowing up your account with GOLD SNIIF because all its activities are monitored and controlled by our team of experts. All clients will share the exact trades as the main system.

This robot trades based on swing and,support/resistance lines strategies and volume.
You can use it with all brokers with a spread or low commission.
The average monthly return with low risk and minimum capital
($1,000) is between 5 and 10%.

The average monthly return at medium risk and minimum capital ($1,400) ranges from 7% to 14%.

The average monthly return at high risk and minimum capital ($2,000) is between 10 and 20%.

The success rate for transactions with the GOLD SNIFF robot is over 75%.
 Recommended Settings:

  1. Run it on XAUUSD
  2. Select 5 min time frame on your mt4.
  3. Ensure the Auto trading option on your mt4 is on.
  4. For the best performance you need to keep the EA always online by using a VPS (online computer host) or having your
  5. PC always online.
  6. Do Not use a cent or mini account, please use Standard, ECN, etc
  7. Account Leverage must be Above 1:500
  8. Account spread must be below 2.0


  •  Ability to analyze technical and fundamental news
  •  Customizable News Filter
  •  Only for XAUUSD pair on Metatrader4
  •  Money Management
  •  Risk Management
  • 2 Account license keys – 1 Real & 1 Demo (Only one account can be activated at a time)
  • Expected monthly profit 5% – 18%
  • The maximum drop is 19.8%, but in most cases remains below 8%.
    Sending the updated version is automatic and completely free of charge.
  • Trailing Stop Orders

Results of GOLD SNIFF EA


link myfxbook

You can see all the results on the myfxbook website


Installation is simple and explained in a  short pdf guide; once the installation is done, the rest is fully automatic. The EA is smart and opens and closes trades in profit automatically.

You don’t need any expertise to install and start using this trading robot; just follow the short installation guide file step by step.

Our EA has built-in indicators that analyze different market aspects and are programmed based on winning strategies to get the best results.

Our forex trading robots come with settings that have been tested and provide proven results. Therefore, if the EA is not profitable after proper installation, you can request a refund within 14 days.

Each of our Forex Trading Robots comes with a drawdown limit; however, we also recommend that all our clients set their Risk Management

After the initial installation, the rest will be completely automatic, and you won’t need to change or check anything. EA opens and closes profit trades automatically.

You can change your risk amount to get more profit, but by following the recommended lot size, you can expect profits between 12% and 23%.

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